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"Securing Energy for Europe. That’s what we’re committed to in the future. But there’s an even bigger challenge: the green transformation."

Dr. Egbert Laege, CEO SEFE GmbH

When I joined SEFE, our first focus was to stabilise the company. But it was clear as well that stabilisation does not suffice, but that we need a vision for the future. Now that we have defined a mission and a future-proof business model for SEFE, we jointly pave a successful future of our organization and business.

We have our vision in our name: Securing Energy for Europe. This is what we did in the past and what we are committed to doing in the future. This also means facing new challenges – probably the largest challenge our industry has ever faced: the green transformation.  Decarbonization along the value chain while reliably offering energy at competitive prices is a must for our economy and society at large. At SEFE we will play a crucial part in that transformation. As an energy company here to stay, we have a responsibility for future generations. It is our responsibility to develop the supply of low-carbon energy and thus, play an important part in the green energy transformation. Because at one point our children and grandchildren will ask us: what did you do to make this world a better place? At SEFE we are ready to answer this question with real actions, like our plans for a future hydrogen offering.

I’m excited to tackle this challenge as a SEFE team that is more united than ever before. Our harmonized brand demonstrates our joint team effort to the outside world. Together we will create a prosperous and sustainable future for the energy market and society as a whole and become a leader in the green energy transformation.