One Business.
One Brand.
One Name.

In 2023, WINGAS underwent a partial re-brand to become more in line with our parent company, SEFE Securing Energy for Europe GmbH (SEFE). Since then, you may have noticed our new logo, messaging including WINGAS in SEFE group branding approach and improved collaboration with SEFE Energy, WINGAS’s B2B Sales counterparts in the UK, France and the Netherlands.

We are pleased to announce that we’ve taken a significant step forward in our journey to becoming one united SEFE Sales business across Europe.

Our new legal name

As of 06 June 2024, our legal names have changed, with WINGAS GmbH becoming SEFE Energy GmbH and WINGAS Holding GmbH becoming SEFE Energy Holding GmbH.

This brings all of SEFE’s entities together under one common identify.

Starting our next chapter as an integrated Sales business

Separately, WINGAS and SEFE Energy have been leaders within their respective energy markets. By combining our sales capabilities and knowledge, we can now offer a more consistent and efficient experience for customers, from small businesses to some of Europe’s largest multi-national organisations. Together, we can provide a more holistic offering to help our customers achieve their strategic energy goals – whether that’s efficiency, simplicity, sustainability or security of supply.

What does this mean for our customers and other stakeholders?

The impact for our customers, vendors, suppliers and partners is minimal to none. Existing energy supply contracts will not be affected by this change, but we encourage you to read through our Name Change FAQs below for further details and more specific information.

We are doing our best to ensure our new name is used in all communications and documents as quickly as possible, but there are some instances where this change will take some time to implement.

Where can I find more information on this change?

For further detail, you can read through our Name Change FAQs here