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Providing our customers with a reliable supply of natural gas according to their needs is what we do. And there is always plenty to do. Furthermore, because SEFE Energy is a very dynamic business, we are constantly expanding our activities.

We perform many tasks ourselves, but for others we need competent and reliable assistance. In order to ensure/guarantee the best possible procurement, we want to work with competitive suppliers in a spirit of partnership. Environment protection, safety at work and social standards are important aspects of our supplier relations.

Special Note
You have received a request for proposal by e-mail and are not sure whether this e-mail really originates from us?
Please simply forward this e-mail to the following address and we will be happy to check its authenticity for you:

All current available information for our suppliers you will find on the website of SEFE Securing Energy for Europe.


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The procurement activities for the entire SEFE Energy Group are still currently being handled by SEFE Securing Energy for Europe GmbH.


SEFE Securing Energy for Europe GmbH
Markgrafenstraße 23
D-10117 Berlin
Phone: +49 (0)30 20195-0