Flexible gas procurement online.

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Customer Portal:
Flexible Gas Procurement online

Our Customer Portal is an online platform that displays all information on current and ongoing contracts. All transactions that can be processed via the Sales Desk by e-mail and telephone can also be carried out online with just a few clicks. With a wide range of functions, the Customer Portal is already being used by well over a hundred customers. The registration process for the portal takes place in six steps:

The prerequisite for access to the customer portal is an existing contract relationship with SEFE Energy. The customer can then request access to the portal from their personal Account Manager. The Account Manager sends the customer the company administrator form, which the customer then fills out, signs and returns. The desired company administrator thereby receives their personal access information from the customer portal team. After registering in the customer portal for the first time, the company administrator can independently add more users upon confirmation of the customer portal terms of use and privacy policy regulations.

Overview of customer portal functions (please choose)

Transaction Area

In the portal, you can make quick and easy purchases of standard trading products as well as exercise your contractual options. With just a few clicks, you can now do everything online that you used to do via e-mail and telephone through our Sales Desk.

Contract Monitor

You receive a quick overview of all your contracts with contractual options that are conducted via the Sales Desk. For all ongoing and already concluded contracts, the options that have already been exercised are viewable as graphics or tables.

Usage Data

You can view up-to-date information on which quantities you have purchased and what quantities have been settled. With the help of charting, comparison and filter functions, you can create, download and process your own overviews.

User Management

With the help of delegated user management, you as a customer, have the authorisation management in your own hands and decide, who in your company should have access into the portal in which function.

Contract Data

You have an overview of the most important key data on your contracts.

Gas Prices and Market Information

You can view the development of all major natural gas prices. End-of-day and intraday data are displayed.

Live Prices

For a better transparency about the current market developments and to make your purchasing decisions even more reliable, Live Prices are displayed for the THE and TTF market areas.


Price Alert

You can automatically monitor when price limits are reached. If the defined price limit is fallen short of or exceeded, an automatic price alert is triggered and you receive a message from the portal.


You can view your invoices and filter and sort them according to your preferences. You can also download the data for internal processing.

Portal Messages

You are notified of any new information in the portal and can manage the notifications due to your requirements by yourself. Portal messages are encrypted and cannot be viewed by other users.

We hope we’ve aroused your interest. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!

Your Portal Team
Phone: +49 (0) 561 99858-3344
E-mail: portal@wingas.de