World Energy Outlook 2021

Natural gas is an important energy source – also in the future

Natural gas is still a fundamental energy source on a global scale and will continue to play an important role in energy security and supply in the next few years. In direct comparison to coal and oil, the demand for natural gas will continue to rise in the medium term. Moreover, natural gas is not only relevant as an energy carrier, but also as an important raw material for the production of climate-friendly hydrogen. These are three key findings of the World Energy Outlook (WEO), which was published by the International Energy Agency (IEA) in October 2021.


In the current version of the WEO, the IEA analyses the global energy sector and its development until 2050 on the basis of three scenarios. The so-called Stated Policies Scenario (STEPS) is based on the current political framework and objectives. In this scenario, a continuous increase in global energy consumption (by 26 percent by 2050 compared to 2020) is expect­ed, mainly caused by population growth, and rising economic output. The share of renewable energy sources is expected to increase in all scenarios. In the STEPS scenario, the IEA expects a share of 28 percent in 2050.

A full summary of the WEO 2021 can be found here:
World Energy Outlook 2021 (PDF)

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