Natural gas: ready for the hydrogen economy!

In the next ten years, only a small percentage of the foreseeable demand can be met by domestic production capabilities based on renewable energies. Other CO2-neutral production processes are gaining attention, particularly promising are processes based on methane.

Germany will become a leading international provider of hydrogen technologies. A significant initial step is establishing a domestic hydrogen market.

The estimated demand for hydrogen in Germany in 2030 is approx. 90 to 110 TWh. This corresponds to about one tenth of the energy demand that is currently met with natural gas. A sufficient hydrogen supply is critical here along with CO2-neutral production.

Due to the multitude of options for generating, transporting, storing and using hydrogen, it is an exceptional source of energy for decarbonisation across many sectors – particularly when its production is CO2-neutral. For this reason, the German federal government launched the National Hydrogen Strategy (NWS) in June 2020, to create the framework for the economical and sustainable generation, transport and use of hydrogen.

You can get an overview of the current status in our factsheet:
Natural gas: ready for the hydrogen economy (PDF)


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