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WINGAS Customer Satisfaction 2021


The evaluation results are quite respectable: Nearly 80 percent of the surveyed customers rated the business relationship with WINGAS from “very good” to “excellent”. This is the result of the customer satisfaction survey 2021.

Customer satisfaction 2021: 2 out of 3 customers have already recommended WINGAS

In spring of this year, the project “Customer satisfaction 2021” was launched, with its coordination and performance being a joint effort with the Hamburg-based agency HKM Gesellschaft für Marketingforschung & -beratung mbH. The last time that WINGAS carried out a survey of this scope was in 2010.

As part of the survey conducted from May to July, customers expressed particular appreciation for the high degree of security and reliability, as well as the strong commitment demonstrated by WINGAS employees.

The exceptionally collaborative business behaviour at WINGAS is also routinely emphasised as another positive point. Nearly 80% of the survey participants rated the processes relating to gas supply and billing, on the whole, as “excellent” or “very good”.

More than half of the customers (55%) also stressed that, alongside the price, the decision to place orders with WINGAS is largely attributable to their positive past experiences working with the company. Overall, the majority of WINGAS customers consider it to be a competent and reliable partner.

Around 75% of the WINGAS customers are already using the Sales Desk, which 82% of the users rate as “very good” or “excellent”. The personal cooperation with Account Management also received similarly positive reviews. With regard to the product range, customers place the greatest weight – both now and in future – on the purchase of standard trading products. As concerns the future, proof of environmental standards and CO2-neutrality will, however, become increasingly important.

Customer satisfaction 2021: Use and evaluation of WINGAS procurement channels

“This isn't just top-notch feedback, but it’s also vitally important as it reflects our long-standing collaboration – and mutual trust – with our customers. After all, this is the compensation for the energy that we invest in collaborating with our customers at an in-depth level – and the fruits of this effort are quite visible”, says Matthias Peter, Head of Sales.

The customers were requested to provide their feedback on four topics: General business relations, Products and services, Marketing and communications channels as well as Brand and image. The survey was delivered in two phases, with the customer first being invited to an anonymised online questionnaire and then being given the possibility to participate in more in-depth interviews.

Both the volume and sincerity of our customers’ responses provided us with instructive information on their requirements of us. Naturally, we take this quite seriously and are quite serious about continuously improving the business relationship as well as the collaboration.

Once again, WINGAS would like to thank all the participants for the trust and commitment that they demonstrated by being part of this survey.